Israel Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding

Witness. Activist. Survivor.

The Israel Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding (IAG), the first venue of its kind and a centerpiece of the KSA (Kehillah Schechter Academy) campus, is named for Israel “Izzy” Arbeiter, a Holocaust survivor and lifelong rights activist who lost several family members including both of his parents in the Holocaust. The Gallery’s dramatic exhibit, “The Life Lessons of Israel Arbeiter,” traces Izzy’s life from peaceful pre-war Poland to his post-war life in America. For Izzy Arbeiter, the nightmares – and the struggle for justice - have continued for over 60 years. He has carried his message nationwide and internationally, raising funds for the National Holocaust Museum and the Boston Holocaust Memorial, testified against Nazi war criminals, and on behalf of victims’ families before Congressional committees. As a guest of the German Government, Izzy addressed members of Parliament and spoke at town meetings – often to Germans who had never met a Jew. His commitment to "tikkun olam" (healing the world) on many levels is legendary.

Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding hosts Holocaust Remembrance Day planning event
Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding hosts Holocaust Remembrance Day planning event

The Israel Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding recently hosted a  well attended reception that marked the kick-off of Greater Boston’s 15th anniversary celebration of the New England Holocaust Memorial located at Faneuil Hall.
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    Our Mission is to provide a venue in which children and adults can learn about the Holocaust, explore the causes of hatred, and participate in programs and events whose purpose is to promote understanding between people with different beliefs and backgrounds.

    To arrange a personal, school or group tour and/or presentation at the Israel Arbeiter Gallery of Understanding, housed on the Norwood campus of Kahillah Schechter Academy or to support its programming, please contact the Gallery at 781-769-9400 or email


    IAG in partnership with Kehillah Schechter Academy (KSA), led by Head of School Marc Medwed, is devoted to inspiring Jewish children K-8, to embrace the knowledge and faith of their heritage. We embrace inclusiveness. Our school reaches into the family, creating a partnership in faith and in learning.

    IAG and it's partner KSA encourage Global Outreach and partnership with international students, organizations and foundations, to unite and educate students from around the world. Israel Arbeiter has a storied history as a traveling speaker, sharing his experience, explaining the unexplainable, and lending a human face to the history of the Holocaust.